Adding Users to Active Directory Groups

Today we are going to educate ourselves on Adding the users into the Active Directory groups.


  1. We need to have Active Directory groups created already in the active directory. I will explain to you in another blog, to create the Active Directory groups.
  2. You need to have Windows Server running or must have Active Directory Application in your machine.


I am hiding some sensitive information on this page, so kindly make a note of it.


Search for Active Directory in the windows search bar


The Main page of Active Directory(AD) opens. The highlighted blured red box in domain name. You need to click on domain name.

Step 3:

Click on the Action -> Find in the menu bar of AD.

Step 4:

Search for the concerned the user/group/Organization or any keyword to get information and click on Find Now. For illustration purposes, I have given my name in the Name section.

Step 5:

You are viewing user’s information in tab below.

Step 6:

To view the group list of user. Click on the Member Of tab to view list of groups. The Red section is list of groups which user is already member.

Click the Add tab to add the user to the group.

FYI, the red section is sensitive information.

Step 7:

Enter the domain name in the second section of the dialog box, enter one of the groups in the last section of the dialog box. The Check Names option is for the auto corrector to correct the typo. Then click Ok.

Step 8:

Unfortunately, the user is already a member of the group, so the additional dialog box is for error notification.

If the user is not a member of the group, then Step 9 is the answer.

Step 9:

So click on the Apply option and then Ok.

Note: If you do not click on the apply, the changes will not be applied.

Hurray !! We are done with adding the user to the group. Hope you loved this blog. Keep supporting :)

Thank you for taking your time.

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